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On this page, I am going to give you a one time offer to get access to my Complete Real Estate Training System (which I have used to personally train over 6,500 students in Florida). 


One ticket to the Bank Owned Properties Boot Camp, along with a ticket to the Airbnb & Short Term Rentals Boot Camp, complete access to the Real Estate Bird Dog Partnership Program, access to our Proof of Funds Letter Site, our Email Support Desk, PLUS the Home Study Course (mailed to you), along with the 6 Disc Audio CD Set (on a flash drive), plus Access to our Transactional Funding,  Our Wholesaling and Purchase Contract Sites,  Comparable Sales, PLUS one ticket to the Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp,  and one ticket to the Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp, Plus a ticket to the Distressed Real Estate REO Bus Trip and a ticket to the Home Depot Bus Trip. 
Lex Levinrad
Get Everything Below Including these Bonuses:

Access to the Lex Real Estate Online Training Site

This is our exclusive online training academy for our students. We have training videos on how to find houses to fix and flip, how to wholesale real estate, how to search online on auction sites like Hubzu and Auction.com, how to use free sites like Realtor.com to find properties, how to buy deals direct from motivated sellers, how to calculate your offer price, how to create a land trust, how to complete purchase contracts, how to get your proof of funds letter and how to estimate the After Repair Value (ARV), Repair Estimates and Maximum Offer Prices.

 6 Weekly Training Videos “Getting Started Flipping Houses” Training

Get started flipping houses with our 6 weekly training videos "Getting Started Flipping Houses".  If you are a new real estate investor, and you want to learn how to wholesale real estate and flip houses then this is the video training series that you need to get started. Learn how to identify your target market and the types of houses to look for and learn how to search online for houses and learn how to make offers and start wholesaling and flipping houses today!

Distressed Real Estate Bank Owned REO Property Bus Trip

This is our best-selling bank owned property REO Bus Trip which has been sold out for over 9 years. I take you on a bus to visit different bank owned REO properties, so that you can see for yourself what the properties you are trying to find online look like in real life. You will be amazed at what you learn on this bus trip. This is where I first coined the term "the smell of money" and you will understand why, when you visit vacant and abandoned boarded up houses. Many of our students say this was the “best real estate education” they have ever received. 

Access to Our Proof Of Funds Letter Web Site

You cannot make a cash offer on any property without a Proof of Funds Letter. This is our custom Proof of Funds Letter site which is used by our students to generate custom Proof of Funds Letters for each property. Each proof of funds letter is personally signed by me, and each proof of funds letter is customized with the property address and the purchase price and your name.

Unlimited Access To Our Student Support Desk

We have the best Student Support Desk in the business. You get unlimited email support with our Support Desk for one year. Contact our support desk with all of your questions as many times as you want, and you will have your questions answered. In addition to our Customer Support Desk, Our training site has training videos and FAQ on every topic you can think of.

1 Ticket to The Wholesaling Real Estate Boot Camp (Wholesaling)

This is our flagship product that has been our best-selling product for almost 10 years. I personally teach all 3 days of the boot camp myself. You will learn about After Repair Value (ARV), Repair Estimates, Maximum Offer Price, Making Offers, Talking To Realtors, Scripts For Talking To Sellers and much more including live Q and A interaction with me and my students that have completed multiple wholesale deals and fix and flips. You don’t want to miss this live training event. But if you do we will give you the video of the entire boot camp for FREE.

1 Ticket to the Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp (Fixing and Flipping)

A ticket to attend the 3 Day Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp including the Home Depot Bus Trip where I teach you about material and labor costs and shows you aisle by aisle, the components and materials that you need in order understand your labor and material costs. I will show you how to calculate how much to offer on fix and flips and give you access to our Rehab Property Calculator to show you how to calculate profit margins to make sure there is a good enough spread for you to make a profit (even with hard money). 

FREE Transactional Funding On All Of Your Real Estate Deals

That’s right. If you partner with me on a deal in our Partnership Program then I will fund your deal for FREE if we partner on the deal.  You will get free transactional funding and I will put up the cash for your wholesale flips and you get FREE transactional funding on all Partnership Program Deals.

Millions In Real Estate With No Cash Or Credit Home Study Course

This home study course took me over 2 years to write. The original manuscript in Word is over 800 pages! This is not your typical Home Study Course. This is the most comprehensive Real Estate Training Home Study Course on the planet! Learn how I purchased my first 10 houses with no money down as I walk you through the details of each house that I purchased with other people's money. Learn and study everything in this Home Study Course if you want to be successful wholesaling and fixing and flipping houses. This is essential training for landlords too!

Market Your Deals To Our Cash Buyers For FREE

Any property that you get under contract that you need help flipping we will market to our huge cash buyer database for you for FREE. Of course you can market your deals to your own cash buyers too and if you find a buyer we will fund it for you too! *
See What Else You Get On This!
Access to the Partnership Program

Partner With Us on Your Real Estate Deals

Total Value: $1,997

We will partner with you and provide funding for you on any deal you get under contract and want to wholesale for the first 12 months after you sign up. Get access to FREE funding when you partner with us and marketing and advertising to our huge cash buyer database.
Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties Book

How to Wholesale Bank Owned Properties

Total Value: $97

My book on wholesaling has been one of the bestselling real estate books on Amazon for over 6 years. Learn about wholesaling, how wholesaling works, and the concepts of wholesale real estate and distressed sellers. Understand why you must always only buy from motivated sellers that have to sell, and why you need to know how much to offer on any property. Read "Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties" if you want an introduction to wholesaling and you are a new real estate investor who is brand new to wholesaling and flipping. 
6 Disc Audio CD Set “Getting Started As A Real Estate Investor” 

Listen to the Real Estate Trainings Anywhere You Want

Total Value: $397

This CD set was not recorded in a recording studio. I personally created these audios in the field as I was working on different houses. This is the down and dirty raw material that you need to know. There are 6 different audio CD's on finding properties, managing rentals, buying real estate with no money down, comparable sales, estimating repairs costs, and understanding After Repair Value. Many of our students say that when they play these CD’s in their car they feel like I am in the car with them. Listen to these CD’s every time you commute to and from work. Many of our best students listen to these CD's again and again.
Complete Forms Disc with Purchase & Sales Contracts

Use Our Purchase & Sales Contracts to Close More Deals

Total Value: $297

All of the forms and purchase and sales contracts that you need in order to start talking to real estate agents and making offers. I show you how to complete the purchase contract, how to create a proof of funds letter, and provide you with all of the tools that you need to start making offers on properties, talking to realtors and motivated sellers. Now available on our training site for you to download the documents direct to your computer.
Title Insurance Tips and Secrets Book

Transactional Funding, Double Closings And Title Secrets

Total Value: $97

This book was co written by myself and Kevin Tacher who is the founder of Independence Title. If you want to learn about transactional funding, double closings, lien searches, title commitments, how to read a settlement statement( HUD) and how to stay out of trouble when you are buying and selling properties then make sure you read this book before your next closing. Learn from my experience from literally thousands of real estate closings what you need to know about title companies, title policies, title insurance, promulgated rates and more. You will save more money on your next closing than the cost of this entire program just by reading this book.
Social Networking and Internet Marketing For Real Estate Investors

How To Use Social Media To Explode Your Real Estate Biz

Total Value: $97

See the secret techniques and strategies that I used with Social Media and Internet Marketing to create my “brute force marketing” method which has resulted in the largest online real estate club in the U.S and created huge international media exposure. Use these secrets on your real estate business and watch your results explode. I personally used these techniques to create one of the largest databases of cash buyers and motivated sellers in the U.S. And the best part is you can too! Learn about web sites, domain names, landing pages, real estate funnels, CRM's and more by reading this book on social networking and internet marketing for real estate.
Bandit Sign Marketing Templates Done For You

Use Our Proven Marketing Templates

Total Value: $497

Get exclusive access to the identical Bandit Sign Templates that I use for my bandit signs. There are 13 design templates to choose from and you can literally insert your phone number and be up and running with your own bandit sign campaign in less than an hour. Learn how to make $20,000 or more from a $2 bandit sign like our student Chris recently did. 
FREE Access to the Lex Direct Mail Marketing System

Get Exclusive Access to Our Direct Mail System

Total Value: $697

Get free access to our powerful direct mail system where you can create lists of motivated sellers and send out postcards and yellow letters directly to these motivated sellers and absentee owners. Get access to lists, create your mailing campaign ,and start mailing postcards and yellow letters today. Start seeing results in less than a week. You want leads? We can give you leads on steroids!
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